Wool cover
for your garden

100% natural wool mat for mulching and more

Vegetable Garden

Protect your soil the whole season and reduce your costs

A natural way to take care of your soil and your plants

Wool mats are 100% biodegradable covers to protect your soil from drought, erosion, compaction, UV radiation. The mulch mat from pure sheep’s wool is moisture-regulating and water- and air-permeable, thus ensuring a correct water balance in the plant root areas in beds and open spaces, reducing water use needs. At the same time, it protects plants against weeds and prevents snails, moles and voles in a natural manner, reducing pesticide inputs and labor costs. Their use enhances soil biodiversity and soil health through conservation tillage and the release of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous when the mat is decomposed, perfect for plant and tree growth.

Multiple use of wool mat

Use wool mat in your home garden, vegetable field and greenhouse production, orchards, tree nurseries and ornamental plant production. Suitable for organic farming.

Black Soil
Group Planting a Tree

Woolmat for mulching

Wool mulch protects new plantings in your home garden, vegetable field and greenhouse production from weed overgrow and enhances soil quality through reduced soil disturbance, balanced micro-climate conditions and additive organic material. Wool mulch is 100% biodegradable and provides gradually nutrients to the soil. It protects soil from dehydration, UV radiation and moderates soil temperature extremities. It enables to practice conservation tillage that support soil health and biodiversity. Potentially can reduce pesticide inputs and labor costs.

Wool bags and disks  for trees

Woolen bags are a clean and simple solution for transporting and transplanting trees. They are 100% biodegradable, so they provide additional nutrients during decomposition. They protect small trees from dehydration and keeps their roots optimally moisturized. You can save time during transplanting.
Tree disks are a perfect tool to keep tree pots and orchard trees weed free and maintain soil moisture, reducing herbicide inputs, water use and your labor time and costs.

Wool cubes for seedling production

The combination of wool and nutrients addition is a simple and natural solution for seedling production. It avoids root damage during transplanting, keeps optimal moisture and reduces fungal infection. Wool cubes are 100% biodegradable and provide nutrients for the plant during their decomposition

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