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The digital mite recognition system allows to automatically monitor the populationof two spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae) on leaves. The core of the system is a camera with android operation system that is a tool for farmers to take stand- ardized high resolution images of the leaves and of the pests on the leaves. The images are uploaded to our central server through Wi-Fi or through our website, where they are processed by an image analyzer algorithm to assess abundance of mites on the leaves. Farmers visiting our website can register and log in to their own profile to check out the results, statistics and diagrams about the mite popu- lation on their fields. If pictures are taken along predefined points in greenhouses, the system can generate pest abundance maps. As the outcome of the analysis, farmers can assess the population size and decide on the necessity of a treatment. Farmers can also share data with their advisors, so they can support them on-line in their pest management decisions.